Experts in Commercial real Estate Financing

Dealing in the commercial real estate market can be a daunting experience for those not familiar with the unique challenges inherent with it. When sales agreements enter the multi-million dollar range, the complexities involved present a number of challenges to both borrowers and lenders. Because these deals typically involve so many moving parts, they can easily go south at a moment’s notice. Luckily, when you choose to work with us here at Blue Sky Global Capital, you get a finance partner that’s been recognized for our expertise is the commercial real estate market.

Our Loan Programs

Because we value diversity in our product offerings, we offer several commercial real estate financing options to help you with your next purchase. YourBlue Sky Global Capital expert will be able to help you determine which of these products will best meet your needs.

  • Conventional loans: We work with a number of different conventional lenders that offer rates as low as 3.75% on real estate purchases between $250,000 and $100 million.
  • Government loan programs: For those who qualify, we can help them find loans offered through federal programs such as HUD and FHA. Loans set up through these programs can range anywhere between $2 million to $50 million.
  • Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS): We are one of the few institutions to still offer CMBS loans. These loans are typically issued through investment banks with very low interest rates, non-recourse debt, and the ability to cash out.
  • Equity and mezzanine financing: Thanks to our diverse network of lending partners, we can line you up with various equity firms or high-net worth investors with the resources to get you over $100 million towards your commercial real estate purchase.

If you’re interested, we also offer construction financing packages to help build your own new location. We can also help get you between $50 million to over $1 billion to set you up in international markets.

Trust in Our Experience

Your commercial real estate venture can either be either a financial windfall or drain on your company. We at Blue Sky Global Capital are determined to make it a successful one. With our access to such a diverse network of lenders, you’re guaranteed to find the right kind of financing to meet your company’s needs. For more information on how we can help finance your next commercial real estate purchase, call and speak with one of our commercial finance experts today!