Help Your Business Grow With a Merchant Cash Advance

While loans are a practical way to help businesses grow and meet financial needs, there are also other options available to get the money your business requires. At Blue Sky Global Capital, our Merchant Cash Advance is an alternative option that gives you the advantage of spending your money how you see fit.

The Difference Between a Merchant Cash Advance and a Loan 

A Cash Advance operates a little differently than a typical business loan since the money you are using technically will come from your own business. Basically, it’s borrowing against your future credit card sales. Your credit card sales in the future will work to pay back the Cash Advance until the amount is met. If you’ve had difficulty getting loans for your business in the past, you might have better luck with our Cash Advance program.

Advantages to the Cash Advance Option 

mca_imageThere are many benefits to using a Cash Advance option. You get to use the money however you see fit. There is no application fee, closing costs, fixed payments, or equity loss. Instead of worrying about monthly payments for years on end, it’s often simple to pay back over a short period of time. Most Cash Advances are also available quickly, often within a week. 

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