Grow Your Company With Small Business Loans

Blue Sky Global Capital has a Small Business Loan program which is designed to be a great way to finance a business. SBA loans are processed efficiently and quickly by our expert advisors. This swift and efficient service is available because the approval process is delegated to our lenders. The loan process is guaranteed to meet your needs in a timely manner.

Receive Financing for Your Real Estate and Equipment

There are a variety of situations in which an SBA loan could help a company grow and acquire new assets. Some of the most common uses for these particular loans include:

  • Properties such as gas stations, auto dealerships, single-purpose buildings, restaurants, motels, hotels, and veterinary.
  • Equipment such as dry cleaning or laundry facilities, machine tools, heavy equipment, and commercial printing and binding.
  • Improvements or renovations to existing properties or equipment.

What We Offer

We are fully aware of the general management capability and cash flow of your company. Within that framework, we can offer up to $1.25 million per year over a period of up to 15 years. Our loans are fully amortized with absolutely no balloons. There is no pre-payment penalty and we offer up to 80% financing. Our 7(a) and 504 programs have both variable and fixed rate options available.

Our Loan Programs


  • Eligible Property and Businesses: Almost any for-profit business in the manufacturing, services, and retail industries
  • Loan Amounts: $200,000 to $5,000,000
  • Terms: 25 years for real estate, 10 years for business or equipment acquisition, 7 years for working capital


  • Eligible Property and Businesses: Almost any for-profit business
  • Loan Structures: Up to $12 million available for financing
  • Terms: 25 years for real estate, 15 years for equipment purchase

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Are you considering getting a small business loan? Contact our financial consultants today to receive more information on the specifics of our loan programs. We want to help you understand all of your options.